How to Create Content Using Outcome Logic.

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can create content using outcome logic.

Before we begin, there are two types of logic you can use to create your content in LeadQuizzes.

Outcome Logic

Map answers to outcomes. Respondents receive results based on the outcome with the most answers selected.

If you want to use outcome logic, continue reading!

Scoring Logic

Assign a score value to each answer. Respondents receive results based on their score range.

If you want to use scoring logic,click here!

Outcome Logic Instructions:

If you're here for outcome logic, let's jump in!

First, How Does Outcome Logic Work?

Right now the Outcome logic is set up so that it is results-based. Meaning that you give the correlation between the question answers and the results and the result with the most answers will be served to the quiz taker.

Below is a diagram showing how this works:

What Happens In The Event Of A Tie?

If there is a tie, meaning the majority a quiz takers answers match with two or more outcomes the same number of times then the tie goes to the first question that resulted in that tie, and the outcome associated with that question answer.

For example say you have a 5 question quiz and 3 potential outcomes. If a quiz taker answers question number 1 and it matches with outcome 1 and questions 2 through 5 are an equal combination of outcomes 2 and 3. Then the tie goes to the outcome that question 2 is mapped with since question 1 was not a question that resulted in the tie.

How Are Outcomes Assigned?

In order to give your content takers a result you first need to have results created. These results are going to be what a content taker can receive at the end of your content.

To determine what result a content taker receives, the software will look at the answers the content taker selects and the results that they map with. The result that their answers match with the most is the result that the content taker will receive.

How Do I Map A Result To An Answer? 

To ensure that your responders get the correct Results page you need to go back to the questions that you added in the Content Elements block and click on the little map icon, as shown below. 

Once there you need to click on an answer on the left and drag it to the corresponding result on the right.

By doing this you are telling LeadQuizzes that when someone selects an answer then give 1 point towards that result. With outcome-based logic, all answers carry an equal weight of one point (unless you don't map them).

The result that the responder receives is the one that they get the most points for at the end of the piece of content.

Do All Of My Answers Need To Map To A Result? 

No! You can leave answers unmapped and they won't have an effect on the overall result someone receives. 

*** NOTE: Make sure if you do leave answers unmapped that at least 1 of your questions has every answer mapped so that your quiz takers receive a result that you created at the end.*** 

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