Adding the LeadQuizzes embed & tracking code to your site will allow you to:

  • Apply custom styling to your embedded content 

  • Make your embedded content responsive across all devices

The tracking feature will also allow for better tracking when we roll out advanced analytics in the near future! 

To add your embed & tracking code to your site follow the steps below:

  1. Login to your LeadQuizzes 3 account and click on the Embed & Tracking button. 

2. On this page you will see the embed & tracking code. Copy the code and paste the code into your tag manager or the < head > tag on every page of your site that you wish to track visitors and collect feedback. 

3. Once you've installed the code on your site click the I have installed the tracking code button, enter in your URL that the tracking code was added to and LeadQuizzes 3 will verify the code is installed properly. 

Once the code is installed you are ready to embed your content!

***NOTE: Check out the Tracking & Embed section of our help center for more information on how to install the tracking code on sites built on Wordpress, Shopify, Clickfunnels and more!***

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