If you use Clickfunnels and want to embed your LeadQuizzes 3 content there, then you will want to install the embed & tracking code!

Adding the LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code to your Clickfunnels page will allow you to:

  • Apply custom styling to your embedded content¬†

  • Make your embedded content responsive across all devices

The tracking feature will also allow for better tracking when we roll out advanced analytics in the near future! 

To add your embed & tracking code to your Clickfunnels account follow the steps below:

1. Login To Your Clickfunnels account

2: Add your LeadQuizzes 3 Tracking Pixel to Clickfunnels

There are two areas where you can add your tracking pixel to your funnel depending on your tracking goals. 

Add To A Specific Page In Your Funnel

  • From within your page, click on Settings.

  • Click on Tracking Code.

  • Click on the Header tab.

  • Paste in your LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code.

  • Save the page.

Add To The Entire Funnel (All Pages)

  • From within your funnel, click on Settings.

  • Paste your LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code in the Head Tracking Code.

  • Scroll down the page and click on Save And Update Settings.

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