Sometimes you need to do more than just collect a lead, you need to engage that lead along the way. 

LeadQuizzes has the perfect solution with our interactive lead magnets. 

Now you can present a video training or guide in an easy to follow way directly in LeadQuizzes!

Below are some examples of what you can create:

  1. A customized landing page letting your audience know what the guide or training is going to teach them. Here you can even had a video to get things started! 

2. A lead capture form so you can collect the information of the person who wants to get the training, guide, or other information presented by the interactive lead magnet!

3. Video training! 

4. Questions to quiz the knowledge of the person who is going through the lead magnet. 

Or to see if they want more information... 

5. A landing page letting them know next steps!

Check out some live examples of interactive lead magnets here: 

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