When someone takes a quiz they expect to get a customized result or score at the end right? In this article we are going to show you how you can do that in LeadQuizzes!

First How Are The Quizzes Scored?

In order to give your quiz takers a result or a score you first need to have results created. These results are going to be the possible results that a quiz taker can receive at the end of the quiz. To determine what result a quiz taker receives the software will look at the answers the quiz taker gives and the results that they map with. The result that their answers matches with the most is the result or score that the quiz taker will receive. 

How Do I Map A Result To An Answer? 

To ensure that your responders get the correct Results page you need to go back to the questions that you added in the Content Elements block and click on the little map icon, as shown below. 

Once there you need to drag all of the answers on the left to the corresponding results on the right. You can do this by clicking on the answer on the left and dragging it to the right. By doing this you are telling LeadQuizzes that if someone answers that question with that answer then give them 1 point towards that result that you created at the end. 

Do All Of My Answers Need To Map To A Result? 

No! You can leave answers unmapped and they won't have an effect on the overall result someone receives. 

*** NOTE: Make sure if you do leave answers unmapped that at least 1 of your questions has every answer mapped so that your quiz takers receive a result that you created at the end.*** 

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