Email Notifications

How Can I Get Notified When Someone Takes My Quiz?

To get an email notification whenever someone opts into your quiz, watch the video and follow the steps below:

1. To begin setting up Email Notification, you first have to select the content you will like to set up Email Notification for & click the "Edit" icon on it.

2. Next, once you are in the Content Builder, click "Configure" on the top menu.

3. On the Configure page, click "Email Notification" on the left-hand side.

4. Next, on the right-hand side, input the email address(es) in which you want to receive email notifications and enable these email(s) to receive email notifications once your content is completed and click ''Save''.

Note: You have the option to add as many as ten (10) email addresses. You can also edit and delete the email addresses you add for these notifications. You also have the option to Enable and Disable email notifications from been sent to specific email addresses upon the content completion.

Note: If you enter an invalid email on any email textbox, the error message "Please enter valid email" would be displayed, and if you try to save a blank email textbox, the error message "Please enter valid email" would be displayed.

6. Finally, the email notifications you will receive whenever a respondent completes your content will come from In this notification email, you will see all the Respondent's answers to the questions asked in your content, Form field submissions data, and Results data.

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