Add & Remove Your Logo

Want to personalize your content with a logo? Or maybe you only want it on some of your pieces of content? It's a snap with LeadQuizzes!

Adding a logo is as easy as 1, 2, 3 in the LeadQuizzes software. 

Just click to Sites & Organizationshere when you are logged into the software. 

Click Upload Logo and chose your logo from your computer. 

Then click Save.

***NOTE: your logo must be no larger than 200 x 150px ***

Now that your logo is added to your account you have the ability to add or remove it to the top of your content pieces. 

To add or remove your logo to a piece of content click to Configure when you are building or editing a piece of content. 

Locate Company Branding and toggle the Logo visible on deployed content to On to display the logo and to Off to not display the logo.

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