Create a Survey

Use LeadQuizzes to create a survey for your audience!

Want an easy and beautifully designed way to survey your audience? It can be done in minutes with LeadQuizzes!

A survey has 4 key elements 

  1. A Start Screen - letting your audience know what the survey is for
  2. A Text Question - this lets you ask your audience questions
  3. A Form Field - that collects their information or can also be used for fill in the blank questions
  4. A Results or Thank You page - letting you know who took the survey
  1. From theDashboard click to Create a new piece of content. 

2. Name your piece of content (remember just you will see this so make sure it makes sense to you)

3. To add a start page to your survey, something that tells your content viewers what the survey is for, then click on Cover Page on the left hand side and drag it to the Start Screen box on the right. From there, fill in the information that you would like to include.

4. Next you will need a Text Question or Image Question. This will allow you to ask the responder your survey questions. You can add as many of these as you would like throughout your survey! It is also crucial to have this so that you can use a custom thank you page after they complete the survey. To add this to your survey click on the appropriate Content Element, under the Content Elements section on the left hand side and drag it to the Content Elements block on the right. From there fill in the information you would like to include.

5. Next you need to know who is taking the survey and you might want to ask them open ended questions. So you need to add a Form Field. To add this to your piece of content click on Form Fields, under Content Elements, and drag it to the Content Elements block on the right. From there fill in the information you would like to include. In the examples below we ask for email and what they like the best. 

6. The last piece you need to add to your survey is a thank you page that thanks your responder for taking the survey. To do this you need to add a Result. This can be in the form of the Results Builder (like in our example below), or you can use the URL Redirect to send them to a thank you page on your side. To add this piece of content simply click on the appropriate Result block on the left and drag it to the Results block on the right. Then fill in the appropriate information. 

7. To ensure that your responders get this thank your or Results page you need to go back to the question that you added in the Content Elements block and click on the little map icon, as shown below. 

8. Once there you need to drag all of the answers on the left to the result on the right. You can do this by clicking on the answer on the left and dragging it to the right. By doing this you are telling LeadQuizzes that if someone answers that question with that answer then show them that result that you created at the end. 

***NOTE: If you do not do this your responders will see a generic thank you page that simply says Thank you for your submission and does not allow you to customize the thank you. ***

9. After this you are ready to hit publish and can start using your piece of content :) 

Pro Tip: To get a notification when someone submits the survey you created integrate it with Slack through our Zapier integration! 

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