LeadQuizzes Templates

Looking to edit and use one of the LeadQuizzes templates? Follow the steps below.

To access LeadQuizzes templates, log into your LeadQuizzes account and from your dashboard click on ''Create''. This will automatically bring up a popup with all the available templates. If this is a new website account and you have no content created yet, a popup with templates will automatically appear by default once you enter your account dashboard.

2. In the templates popup that appears, you will have the option to browse/filter templates by category on the left-hand side. Currently, there are template categories for Real Estate, Health, and Fitness, Love and Relationships, Finance, Insurance, Cars, Business, Marketing, Education, Legal, Travel, Sports, Human Resources and Others. 

3. On the right-hand side, you will be able to see all the available templates by category. By hovering your mouse over a template, you will see the options to either ''Preview'' or ''Use'' that template.  

4. By clicking on ''Preview'', this template will open up in a new tab. In this tab, you can preview the template's content and design in live mode. 

5. By clicking on ''Use'', the content builder section of this template will open and this template will automatically be added to your dashboard. In this content builder section, you can edit the contents of this template and make changes to the design or set it live by clicking on ''Publish''. 

6. To create a piece of content from scratch, click on the ''Create from Scratch'' button either at the top right-hand side or bottom-left hand side of the template popup as shown below. 

7. Next, you will have to enter a new content name and click ''Continue'' to proceed with creating a new piece of content. In this window, you also have the option to return to the templates selection popup. 

8. Once you have entered your new content name and hit the continue button, you will be taken to the builder section of this content, where you can create your content from scratch. 

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