How Can I Build a Custom Result Page with Offer and CTA.

1. To build a custom Result page with an Offer and a CTA button in LeadQuizzes, go to your LeadQuizzes dashboard, and under the ''Build'' tab, click on Results Builder on the left-hand side and drag it to the results box on the right side. 

2. Next, give your result a title under the ''Result Title'' field.  

Note: The Result Title is required to build a custom result.

3. Next, add your results copy/description under the ''Results Description'' field. 

4. Next, customize the text of your result copy using the tools under this Results Description. You can adjust the following:

  • The font size of the text 
  • Bold and italicize the text 
  • Change the color of the text 
  • Add highlight to the text 
  • Adjust the text justification
  • Add bullets or a numbers list
  • Add a hyperlink to text and
  • Add images and videos to the builder. 

5. Next, add your offer and CTA button to your result builder. To do this, go to ''Button Settings'' on the left-hand side and turn it ON.

6. Next, label your Button, add the URL link for the Button, and click ''Save''.

7. You can preview your Button design from the ''Preview'' tab. 

8. To customize the color of the Results Button, go to the ''Design'' tab, and under ''Result Button Color'' select the color of your result button and click ''Apply''

9. To customize the color of the Results Button Text, go to the ''Design'' tab, and under ''Result Button Text Color'' select the color of your result button text and click ''Apply''

10. Finally, to ensure that your responders get the correct results, you need to go back to the questions that you added in the Content Elements block and click on the little map icon, as shown below. 

Once there, you need to click on an answer on the left and drag it to the corresponding result on the right.

By doing this you are telling LeadQuizzes that when someone selects an answer then give 1 point towards that result. With outcome-based logic, all answers carry equal weight of one point (unless you don't map them).

The result that the responder receives is the one that they get the most points for at the end of the piece of content.

Example Of Results With Offer and CTA

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