Redirect after submitting

If you want to make sure all of your content submissions see a particular page then the URL redirect block is perfect.

This block allows you to redirect content submissions to a page of your choosing. 

To use this element block simply click on URL Redirect under Results on the left side and drag it to the Results box on the right side. 

Then give the Result a title under Result Title

***NOTE: This title will only be visible to you on the backend so make it something that makes sense for you***

Next paste the URL that you want to redirect respondents to in the Redirect URL section. 

In order to make sure your respondents get the correct result you will want to map the Redirect URL to the questions it corresponds with in the Content Elements section of your content. 

You can do this by clicking the little map icon next to the question and picking the answers that should correspond with that result. 

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