Results Builder

To use this element block simply click on Results Builder under Results on the left side and drag it to the Results box on the right side. 

You then have the ability to chose the Results Builder elements that you would like to include in your result. 

You can chose to enable Social Sharing by toggling the green button to On. This allows your respondents to share the piece of content on social media or through email with the click of a button. 

Then give the Result a title or headline under Result Title

***NOTE: The Result Title is required for a custom result***

Next you are able to customize the text of your result under Result Description. 

You can adjust the font size, bold, italicize, change the color of the text, highlight it, adjust the text justification, add bullets or a numbers list, link text, and add images and videos all using the Results Description toolbar. 

To see a preview of what the result will look like simply click Preview at the top of the builder. 

In order to make sure your respondents get the correct result you will want to map the Results to the questions they correspond with in the Content Elements section of your content.

You can do this by clicking the little map icon next to the question and picking the answers that should correspond with that result. 

Pro Tip: The font color can be changed for just the results section by using the font color option in the tool bar!

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