How Can I Copy/Duplicate My LeadQuizzes Content.

See how you can duplicate your content on LeadQuizzes 3.

  1. To duplicate your content element, first login to your LeadQuizzes 3 account and go to your account dashboard. Click the duplicate icon of the content you wish to duplicate. 

2. In the popup that appears, you will be asked to confirm if you want to duplicate the entire content with all of the settings related it. You can opt-out of duplicating the mapping and logic branching associated with the content. 

3. By clicking copy, your content will be duplicated with all the settings related to it. The Build tab (with mapping and logic branching), Design tab (with image and settings), Configure tab (without integrations), and the Results will be duplicated. However, the Share tab and the Report tab will not be duplicated. 

4. You can also duplicate individual content elements and results. Click the duplicate Icon of the content element or result you wish to duplicate. 

5. The new content element will go below the original element. Everything that the original content element has will be duplicated ( text, images, video). Mapping and logic branching settings will not be duplicated.

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