Logic Branching or Skip Logic

Personalize the path of your visitors using Logic branching or Skip logic.

What is logic branching?

Logic branching or skip logic allows you to customize the questions or page respondent sees next based on how they answered the previous question.

Why use logic branching?

Show the respondents the most relevant questions or pages based on their response and skip questions that are not relevant. Use logic branching also to keep your quizzes short & sweet, and increase conversions.

Adding logic branching or skip logic.

1. Navigate into the content builder and click the logic branching icon.

2. Click add condition link or button in the logic branching popup.

3. Set your logic branching conditions. You can add multiple conditions to your question by clicking add condition and set different criteria for different answer or group of answers selected.

Example of multiple logic branching conditions

4. With logic branching conditions, you can do the following.

  • Jump to specific questions or pages based on previous answers selected.
  • Show video or text explainer after a particular answer has been selected.
  • Show a result right away or URL redirect them.
  • Show lead capture form.

5. Click save once you are done setting up your logic branching conditions.

Understanding logic branching conditions.

When creating logic branching conditions for questions elements, you can set the condition criteria. You have the options of selecting "any"  or "all" condition criteria.

Any: Set this criterion if respondents only have to select one of the answers in your condition to jump to a designed question or page.

All: Set this criterion if respondents need to select all of the answers in your condition to jump to a designated question or page.

On & off: Turn on & off individual conditions by clicking the on/off icon.

Delete: Delete conditions by clicking the trash icon.

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