Text Block

If you want text in the middle of your question asking and data collecting then the text block can help.

The text block essentially allows you to break up the content by providing written information for the person going through your content to see. For example if you are creating a true/false style quiz, you might want to ask a question using the Text Questions block and then provide the answer immediately after they answer with the Text block.

To use this element block simply click on Text under Content Elements on the left side and drag it to the Content Elements box on the right side. 

You then have the ability to add the different Text elements that you would like. 

A Title or headline, which for example could be a fact about a previous part of the content that you showed them. 

A Description or sub-headline which can further explain the reason why they are seeing this text block. 

And a Button which allows your respondents to get to the next step in the piece of content you are building. 

Each time you use the Text element you will be required to have a Title as well as a Button.

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