Image questions

Use the image questions block to ask respondents multiple choice questions with image-based responses!

Want to use your content to ask a multiple-choice question that has an image as an answer? Then you are going to use the Image Questions block!

To use this element block simply click on Image Questions under Content Elements on the left side and drag it to the Content Elements box on the right side. 

You then have the ability to add the different Image Question elements that you would like. 

You can add an image by clicking Select Media. 

A Title or question under the title section. 

A Description for the question under description. 

As well as the Answers. 

Each answer will consist of two parts, an image and text. To add an image to the answer click the image icon next to the answer and to add text click and type in the answer section.

To add an answer click Add new answer. 

And to delete an answer click the trash can icon next to the answer. 

You can also reorder the answers by clicking and dragging the three little dots on the left of the answer text.

If you would like a respondent to be able to select multiple answers then toggle the Allow multiple selections switch to On. 

You'll also notice a preview of the question on the right of the screen under Content Preview

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