Content Builder

Each piece of content you create in LeadQuizzes is made up of various content elements.

Each piece of content you create in LeadQuizzes is made up of 3 content elements, the Start Screen, Content Elements, & Results. 

You can use these elements to ask questions, collect data, show a video, image and more!

You’ll find these elements whenever you edit or create a new piece of content. 

Below is a short description of each section within each element:

Start Screen

Cover Page

If you want your content to have a start or cover page introducing the piece of content then use this! You can add images, text, video and a button to tell people what to expect.

***Note: This is where you privacy policy, if you've added one, will be displayed***

Content Elements

Text Questions

Want to add multiple choice questions to your content? You can do that with text questions! Add an image or video and description to make your question even more clear. You can even make it where you can select multiple answers per a question!

Image Questions

If you are more of a "A picture says a thousands words..." type person then the image questions block is here for you! This allows you to not only ask a question using an image or video, but have the answers be images as well. 

Form Fields

Want to collect data from your content and associate it with a person or email? Than form fields is where you want to be. With this block you can collect first name, last name, email, phone number or anything else you can imagine with our short and long answer forms. You can break the form fields up throughout your quiz or ask them all in one block. 


If you want text in the middle of your question asking and data collecting then the text block can help. The text block essentially allows you to break up the content by providing written information for the person going through your content to see. 

Image or Video

If video and images are more your style than the Image or Video block can help. This block allows you to insert an image or a video throughout your piece of content, making it perfect for video trainings. 


Results Builder

If you want to send your content submissions to a custom results or thank you page then the results builder is going to be crucial. This block allows you to build results pages complete with video, images and social share capabilities.

URL Redirect

If you want to make sure all of your content submissions see a particular page then the URL redirect block is perfect. This block allows you to redirect content submissions to a page of your choosing. 

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