Cover Page

The Cover Page or start screen can be a great way to welcome people to your piece of LeadQuizzes content.

The Cover Page or start screen is the perfect welcome mat to your piece of content. It sets the stage and let's your audience know what to expect through an image, video and text. 

To add a Cover Page to your LeadQuizzes content drag the Cover Page block from under the start screen section on the left to the start screen box on the right. 

Then add the Cover Page elements that you would like. 

You can add an image or video by click Select Media. 

A Title or headline under the title section. 

A Description or sub-headline under description. 

As well as adjust the text of your call to action button under Button.

***NOTE: if you are using the Cover Page you need to add at least a Title and Button text. If you chose to not add a cover page then your piece of content will begin with the first block added to the Content Elements section.****

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