How to Create a Vacation Request Form

It doesn’t take much time to create a perfect vacation request form. We will show you how to make it in our content builder.

Productivity and discipline at a workplace depends on many factors. Giving your employees some time to unwind from duties and deadlines is one of them. However, time-off requests can easily turn into a source of frustration and workflow choke-points if you don’t manage them properly.

Digitalizing the vacation schedules of your employees is an excellent way to improve efficiency in your office. It enables you to have a detailed insight into your employees’ days off and adapt work dynamic accordingly. 

Digital vacation requests can also help you with planning part-time and full-time hiring, as well as precisely calculating severance payments.

If you allow your workers to have insight into the time-off schedule, you will also improve cooperation between colleagues. Planning, in this case, involves everyone. If your business requires that specific departments remain active at any time, employees can avoid taking leave at the same time. This can help reduce friction that may stem from misunderstandings. 

To keep things official, you don’t have to go back to papers and personal requests. You can go with something like this.

Click here to see a vacation request form!

It doesn’t take much time to create this vacation request form. We will show you how to make it in a content builder.

To create a landing page, all you have to do is drag “cover page” from the menu on the left and drop it to start screen menu. Click on the “design” menu, and there you’ll find an option to add text and background image.

Since vacation request form is a good occasion, it is perfectly fine if its design is creative and gives off a carefree vibe. It will also make your employees feel more comfortable about asking for days off. You can find plenty of amazing licensed stock photos for free on websites like Pexels or Unsplash.

The employee should list their relevant personal information in the beginning. 

You can create a list of questions by dragging and dropping the content elements. 

After that, you can move on to the starting and ending date of the worker’s vacation. 

Although this can be a vacation request form, we included the list of reasons in case you want to make a general time-off document. 

If you're going to create a special paid/unpaid leave form, you can do that following a similar sequence of questions. For example, a request form for sick days can include the contact information of the worker’s physician.

The employee’s whereabouts are optional information for the vacation request form. You can include it if there may be a case of emergency or a particular arrangement between the worker and supervisor. 

Finally, finish on a positive note. 

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