How to Boost Language Skills Using a Vocabulary Test Maker

With LeadQuizzes’ vocabulary test maker, you can create dozens of quizzes that are guaranteed to boost your language skills!

Learning new languages or improving your vocabulary doesn’t have to be a daunting repetitive task.  There are plenty of ways you can “gamify” the studying process. Using a vocabulary test maker is one of them. Don’t worry, the playful approach will not make it any less serious or useful.

Recent studies have shown that the use of online games to learn a new language significantly improved students’ grammar and nuanced understanding of the words and phrases. Surveyed students said they had enjoyed the challenging, yet easy-going nature of the quizzes, as well as the ability to control the amount of time they’d spend studying. 

Similar finds were supported byStatista survey in 2016, where 96% of respondents said that using digital tools helped them prepare for tests and exams.

It is not hard to understand why online vocabulary quizzes are so motivating for students. There is so much space for creativity compared to bleak, boring tests on paper. Even if tests engage with more complex studying matter, an online vocabulary test maker enables both visual and logical segmentation that makes studying look less intimidating. Thirty questions in a row seem like less work if they are separated into thirty visually engaging parts, rather than stuffed on one paper page.

This concept is also known as “chunking,” and there isa body of scientific evidence to support that breaking lessons or tests into smaller pieces of related information improves memory and learning capacity. If you look closely, chunking is nothing new in the digital sphere -most websites you visit and apps you use are designed to facilitate memorizing and comprehending content. 

An example of chunking on

Each short vocabulary quiz and each card in this test are a chunk of their own. So how does this learning strategy look when you apply it in a vocabulary test maker?

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With LeadQuizzes’ vocabulary test maker, you can create dozens of quizzes like this. We'll show you how!

Start off with creating the landing page in the drag & drop content builder menu. You can add a background image in the design section. In our vocabulary test maker, we went with something general. If you have dozens of tests, you can add pictures that relate to a particular lesson your vocabulary quiz refers to.

After that, you can move on to the questions and answers. You have a choice between regular text and image questions. We recommend that you use images or even videos to make your vocabulary test engaging and visually appealing.

This is how the image question pictured above looks in our content builder.

Of course, adding pictures cannot be possible for complicated words or phrases. But you can also use a bit of imagination there. We gave you a word "desolate," and asked you to connect it to the picture of a desolate place. This will not only make your quiz entertaining, but it will also improve the learning process byevoking visual association.

Immediate and clear feedback is another perk of online vocabulary quizzes  - so don't forget to add this element. Using your vocabulary test maker, you can insert answers after each question, using clear text or an image page.

This is an example of a text answer.

This is an example of an image answer. Showing the picture one more time can be a great way to furtherstrengthen the link between the image and a new word, minimizing the possibility of forgetting.

Online tests are an affordable, efficient and time-effective way to boost vocabulary. Investing in a vocabulary test maker can be an excellent way to learn and spread the knowledge, so try ourLeadQuizzes content builder and start creating amazing and unique tests, quizzes, and online forms.

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