Creating Your First Piece of Content With LeadQuizzes!

Ready to create your first piece of content? This article will walk you through step by step creating your first piece of content.

With LeadQuizzes you can generate leads, collect data and create interactive content that will personalize your marketing follow up in the form of: 

  • Quizzes
  • Forms
  • Interactive lead magnets
  • And more!

Creating your first piece of content starts with the Dashboard. 

The Dashboard is where you will create pieces of content as well as view previous pieces of content that you have created. 

To create a piece of content click Create

Give your piece of content a name

***NOTE: This name will only be seen internally so just name it something that makes sense to you.****

Next you'll be taken to the Content Builder this is where you will be adding the various elements that make up your piece of content. This can vary from content piece to content piece.

To add sections, or elements to your content simply click on the element you want to use on the left and drag it to the corresponding block on the right. 

Once you've added your content elements it should look something like the below. 

From there you can customize the design. 

Configure your quiz settings. 


And publish. 

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