Email Leads Their Results From LeadQuizzes

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can email your leads their results from LeadQuizzes.

  1. How to set the LEAD Email Address field for your quiz.
  2. Email Leads Their Results From LeadQuizzes.

How to set the Lead Email Address field for your quiz

Before you can email your leads their results from LeadQuizzes, you have to make sure that there is a Form in your quiz with the "LEAD Email Address'' field.

1. Go to your quiz ''Form Builder'' and select the "Email'' form field that you want to serve as your primary.

2. Next, check the box ''Mark field required'' and click "Save''.

This will make this email field the LEAD email field. 

Note: The Email Form Field, is used to capture your leads' email addresses. You can add multiple email address fields to your lead form, but you will have to specify one as the primary (LEAD) email address that will act as the lead contact, while the other emails will be secondary.

Also, you have the option to enable Email Validation & Verification For Your Email Form Field. Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can do this:

How To Email Leads Their Results From LeadQuizzes

1. To email your leads their results from LeadQuizzes, go to your LeadQuizzes dashboard, and from the ''Build'' tab, select the result you want to set up an email for. 

2. In the Result Builder or URL Redirect, go to ''Send Email Result'' on the left-hand side and turn it “ON’’.

3.  Next, give the Email a title or headline under “Subject’’, then add the Sender Email and the Sender Name that you want your emails to be sent from and replies to go to under the "From Email" and "From Name" fields.

4. Next, you can customize the text of your email under the “Email Body’’. You can adjust the font size, bold, italicize, change the color of the text, highlight it, adjust the text justification, add bullets or a numbers list, link text, and add images all using the Email Body toolbar. 

Note: To add a video to your email, add a video Thumbnail Image using the image icon and link that image to a video using the hyperlink Icon.

5. Next, you can personalize the Subject and the Email Body of your quiz using the Email Merge Fields. Simply copy and paste these available merge fields to your result email's subject or body.

Note: Merge fields are fields from your quiz Forms. In the alt=[<HERE>] part you can write your alternative text between the [square brackets] in case the quiz taker does not provide an answer to that particular merge field that you used in your email. 

6. Finally, click ''Send test email'' to see a test of what the email will look like, and click ''Save''.

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