Frequently Asked Questions On How Response Overages Charge Works.

How are responses calculated?

Responses are recorded when a visitor starts any interaction on the quiz or survey. For example - when the quiz taker answers a question or submits a Form. 

What happens if I exceed the response limit for the billing period?

When you reach your response limit for the billing period, overage charges will be applied to your account and billed immediately to ensure that you can continue generating responses. 

How can I estimate my response overages?

To get an estimation of your response overages for the billing period, subtract the number of responses allowed for the plan you are on from the total responses you expect to generate during that billing period. For example, if you generated 1,000 responses on the standard monthly plan that allows for 750 responses/month, you would need to pay for an additional 250 responses.

How does the billing for response overages work?

As soon as you go over your response limit for the billing period, overage charges will be applied to your account per the pricing page: 

  • Standard Plan: $15 for 250 additional responses
  • Pro Plan: $20 for 500 additional responses
  • Premium Plan: $125 for 5,000 additional responses

These overage charges will be billed every time you exceed these response additions.

When will the response counter be reset?

The Response counter is reset every month on the same date you were first billed. For instance, if your account bills on June 10th after your 14 days trial, then the response counter will reset on July 10th.

If I do not use my entire response limit, can I use the unused billing period next month?

No, the unused responses will not be added to next month's limit. 

Will I get notified when I reach my billing period limit?

Yes, we will send you a notification to the email address you used in creating your account. 

When will I get notified when I'm reaching my billing period limit?

You will receive three separate notifications when you reach 80%, 90%, and 100% of your response limit.

If you haven't upgraded your plan by then, overage charges will be automatically added to your account for this period to ensure that you can continue generating responses. 

Will my test responses get counted?

Yes, any tests that you send from the live/published content will be counted. Please note that you can test your content without affecting your response limit from the Design tab when creating your content.

What happens if my payment is not successful?

If your payment is not successful for some reason, your account will become inactive until you update your payment details and the payment goes through successfully. 

What happens if I upgrade my subscription while having unpaid response overages? 

 If you upgrade your subscription while having some additional unpaid responses overages, you will be charged for those additional responses plus the new subscription. 

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