How To Install The LeadQuizzes 3 Embed & Tracking Code To Your Wix Site

If you have a Wix site that you will be adding your LeadQuizzes 3 content to, then you will want to install the embed & tracking code!

Adding the LeadQuizzes embed & tracking code to your Wix site will allow you to:

  • Apply custom styling to your embedded content 
  • Make your embedded content responsive across all devices

The tracking feature will also allow for better tracking when we roll out advanced analytics in the near future! 

To add your embed & tracking code to your Wix site follow the steps below:

  1. Sign in to your Wix account.
  2. Go to your Site Manager
  3. Click Tracking & Analytics. 
  4. Click + New Tool and select Custom from the dropdown. 
  5. Set up your LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code: Enter your custom code.
  6. Select the relevant domain. ****Note: This option will appear only if you have multiple domains.****
  7. Enter a name for your custom code. 
  8. Select Choose specific pages under Add Code to Pages: Begin typing the name of the relevant pages and then click the checkbox next to the relevant page. 
  9. Select Head under place embed & tracking code in. 
  10. Click Apply. 
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