How To Install The LeadQuizzes 3 Embed & Tracking Code To Your WordPress Site

If the site that you will be adding your LeadQuizzes 3 content to is built on Wordpress, then you will want to install the tracking code!

Adding the LeadQuizzes embed & tracking code to your WordPress site will allow you to:

  • Apply custom styling to your embedded content 
  • Make your embedded content responsive across all devices
  • Activate a website popup on your website pages. 
  • Finally, it will make result URL redirect on Embedded contents to work properly. 

The tracking feature will also allow for better tracking when we roll out advanced analytics soon! 

To add your embed & tracking code to a WordPress site follow the steps below:

  1. Download a WordPress script installation plugin.

Note: OH Add Script to Individual Pages Header Footer andHeader and Footer Script are examples of a Wordpress plugin you can use to install the LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code. Any script management plugins you install are not managed by LeadQuizzes. Therefore, if you encounter any challenges during the installation of the plugin or experience any incompatibility issues you need to reach out to the plugin author for assistance.

Remember to backup your WordPress installation before installing any new plugins to your site. 

2. Copy the LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code and paste the code into the header of your site using the plugin you downloaded. 

If you are using the Header and Footer Script plugin, you will paste the script in the box shown below. 

3. Finally, click on ‘‘Save Settings’’ and  your LeadQuizzes 3 embed & tracking code is now installed!

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