How Can I View LeadQuizzes Reports?

Learn to use our insight reporting capabilities with this help documentation.

***NOTE: as of October 31st, 2018 we have advanced reporting, LeadQuizzes created prior to then will not have advanced reporting numbers and it is best to set your start date on October 31st.***

Looking to see how people interact with your LeadQuizzes? Including the breakdown of responses given and how many people start and finish your LeadQuizzes? Follow the steps below: 

1. Before you can see advanced reporting, you will first need a LeadQuizzes published in your account that has had at least one LeadQuizzes view. To see if your LeadQuizzes has any traffic login to your account and look at the  "Dashboard" and the LeadQuizzes you want to view:

2. Once you've determined that your LeadQuizzes has traffic going to it, click on the three dots and select ''Reports''.

3. You will then be taken to the "Reports" dashboard where you will see your "Insight Report" by default as well as a complete breakdown of how people interact with your LeadQuizzes:

4. On this page you will be able to change the date range you are looking at analyzing for your LeadQuizzes: 

5.  You will also see how many people viewed your LeadQuizzes, how many performed an action (answered question), and how many leads/contact you collected, as well as the percentage of people who completed your LeadQuizzes:

6. Below you will able to see the break down of how viewers interacted with your LeadQuizzes. You will be able to analyze how people answered each particular question, the number of form submissions & content views and the results breakdown

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