GDPR Compliance & LeadQuizzes

Worried about GDPR compliance? Check out this doc to see how you can accomplish this with LeadQuizzes!

By now, you are likely aware that on May 25, 2018, a new data privacy law introduced in Europe called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come into force, impacting how businesses collect and process data.

With this new law there will be stricter regulations regarding how your audience opts in to receive information from you, as well as how you communicate with them. 

Our LeadQuizzes development team has been hard at work on LeadQuizzes 3 to ensure that the necessary controls and features are in place once the GDPR comes into effect. 

You can now easily use LeadQuizzes 3 in a GDPR-compliant manner.

How is LeadQuizzes 3 going to be GDPR compliant?

  • Consent -  With LeadQuizzes 3 you now have the option to clearly ask for consent whenever information is collected through the content you create. This is done through a Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions disclaimer and checkbox that you can add to the cover page of your content or on the form fields where you are collecting information and that the responder must agree to in order to proceed to the next step. When someone agrees to this you will have a record of this stored in your LeadQuizzes 3 account and can be easily exported for your use.
  • Cookies - With LeadQuizzes 3 you now have the option to clearly notify your responders that you are using cookies to track them in language that they understand. Any cookies stored by LeadQuizzes 3 are fully encrypted to ensure privacy and does not store identifiable information.  *** We know the ePrivacy Regulation is coming, and that it may have an impact on how cookies are regulated. We’ll adjust our product accordingly.
  • Deletion - Coming soon is the ability to delete and remove all records of an individual responder from within your account. In the meantime if you send an email to with the information that needs to be deleted we will process this for you. 
  • Access/portability - LeadQuizzes 3 enables you to grant any access/portability request by easily exporting a responders contact record into a machine-readable format through the form of a CSV export. 

DISCLAIMER: This website is neither a magnum opus on EU data privacy nor legal advice for your company to use in complying with EU data privacy laws like the GDPR. Instead, it provides background information to help you better understand how LeadQuizzes is addressing some important legal points. This legal information is not the same as legal advice, where an attorney applies the law to your specific circumstances, so we insist that you consult an attorney if you’d like advice on your interpretation of this information or its accuracy. In a nutshell, you may not rely on this paper as legal advice, nor as a recommendation of any particular legal understanding.  The products, services, and other capabilities described herein are not suitable for all situations and may have restricted availability.

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