Why lead email is required

Lead email, which is the primary email address of a contact, is required because LeadQuizzes requires that one email address field be used to identify your lead and also be used for response reporting. 

You will also have the option to add multiple email address fields to your Form Builder. Once an additional email address field is added, you will have the option to select this field as your lead email address field. 

By selecting this email address field, the email address field that was set to lead email initially will no longer be the lead email address, and the new lead email address you selected will be automatically set to required and can be identified by the asterisk sign.

You will also see the word  ''Lead Email'' attached to this lead email address form field. 

If you want to delete the lead email address field, you need to first set one of the email address fields as the new lead email. If you don't do that, you will get a popup warning reminder message. 

However, If there is only one email address field in your Form Builder, you will be able to delete the lead email address in the first instance. 

Finally, the lead email address will serve as the lead email address in your reporting responses section. 

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