Why You Need to Add a Website

Curious why we're asking you to add a website to your LeadQuizzes subscription?

No worries, we are here to demystify it for you!

The LeadQuizzes embed feature, which allows you to add your LeadQuizzes content to your own web page, will only work on the website that you registered with your LeadQuizzes account (client account). 

Click this link to find out how you can create a client account & add websites.

So, if you plan on embedding, make sure that the website you will be embedding on is the one that is listed under Sites & Organizations in your LeadQuizzes account (client account)here.

Please note that if you try to embed your LeadQuizzes on a website that is different from the one listed under your Sites & Organization, you'll get an error. 

Under Site & Organization Settings you can:

1. Update the website URL associated with your account, 

2. Update the Company/Organization Name connected with your account.

3. Upload a new logo, as well as disable the LeadQuizzes branding.

    Click this link to see how to add & remove your logo

4. This is also where you will find the API Key associated with your account, which you will need to integrate with Zapier.

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