Your LeadQuizzes Performance

Curious to see how your content is performing? We're here to help!

So you created a piece of content and want to see how it's doing? 

Look no further than the LeadQuizzes Dashboard! 

To get there just click here while logged into your account. 

Here you'll find all of your pieces of content (published and unpublished)

To see how an individual piece of content is performing just find the content piece that you want to evaluate. 

There you will see Views for that piece of content, Responses, and Compl. Rate (completion rate). 

Views is the the number of times that piece of content has been viewed or the piece of content has been loaded in a browser.

Response is the number of times at least one question has been answered in the piece of content. 

Compl. Rate is the percentage of views who went all the way through the piece of content. So say you created a quiz, it would be the percentage of views who answered the last question of the quiz. 

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