How to send Form Fields data to results URL redirect link.

In this article, we will be walking you through how you can send your contents Form Fields data to the results URL redirect link.

The send data to the Result URL Redirect feature takes the data from all the Form Fields in your quiz content and attaches those data as  GET parameters to the URL of the results URL redirect link.

Note: Only the completed Form Fields data will be attached. If the quiz taker skips the entire Form or some Form Fields are set to not required and are not filled, these fields data will not be attached to the URL of the URL redirect link.

1. To send your quiz Form FIelds data to results URL redirect link, you first have to select the content you would like to send data to the results URL redirect link & click the "Edit" icon on it.

2. Once you are in the Content Builder, go to the "Results" section and click on the "Edit Element" icon on the results URL redirect you want to send data to.

3. Next, go to the ‘’Send Data Settings’’ section, set the ‘’Append Form data to redirect URL’’ to ‘’ON’’, and click ‘’Save’’.

Note: The final result (title only) that the quiz taker gets would also be sent to the redirect URL link. For the Scoring logic quizzes, the gotten score would also be sent. 

Examples of the redirect URL link with GET parameters:

The GET parameters in the results URL redirect link are being merged from the Form Fields LABELS only and the spaces from those labels are being replaced with the middle line "-".

Also, if quiz taker selects multiple check-boxes, those values selected will be added to the URL and separated with a comma ",".

Encoded signs explained:

  1. Blank spaces are replaced with %20
  2. @ signs are replaced with %40
  3. Comma (,) signs are replaced with %2
  4. -lead is used to show which email is the LEAD email address 
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