How To Use Zapier To Integrate LeadQuizzes To Constant Contact.

Learn how to connect your quiz to Constant Contact through Zapier integration.

To Integrate LeadQuizzes and pass your lead data as well as response data to Constant Contact using Zapier,

  1. Log in to your Zapier account or sign up for free
  2. Click ''Create'' and then click ''Zaps''.

3. Give your Zap a name. You'll have the option to use AI or the Zap editor to create your Zap. With AI, simply type what you'd like to automate, and the AI will choose the apps for you with triggers. Click on "Try it" and follow the steps.

4. Using the Zap editor, search for and select LeadQuizzes 3 in "Choose a Trigger App".

  1. There are two trigger options for LeadQuizzes 3: "New Form Submission" and "New Response".

New Response will trigger and send information back to Zapier whenever a responder fully goes through a piece of content. So if you create a quiz and use this trigger the trigger will only fire when someone completes the quiz and will not fire just when they complete a form field as it does in New Form Submission. This trigger is useful in seeing how many people go through your entire piece of content. ***NOTE: This is the most common trigger.***

New Form Submission will trigger and send information back to Zapier whenever a form field is submitted. So if you have a piece of content that has a form field at the start of the piece of content, one in the middle and one at the end of the piece of content. The Zap would trigger up to 3 times depending on whether or not the responder completed all 3 of the separate forms. ****NOTE: This is more advanced***

Chose the trigger you would like to use and click Continue

6. A new window will open and you'll be asked for an API Key to allow Zapier to connect to your LeadQuizzes 3 Account. Click the Sites & Organizations link to go to your LeadQuizzes 3 Sites & Organizations Settings Page. 

7. In your Sites & Organizations Settings page, you will see your API Key. Click Copy to clipboard and paste the API Key in the window that opened in Zapier then click Yes, Continue. 

8. Your LeadQuizzes 3 account will now be listed. Ensure it's selected and click Continue.

9. Select the published content piece you want to use and click Continue.

10. In the next step, you'll be asked to test your LeadQuizzes 3 trigger. Make sure that the content piece you selected has had a responder go through it in the past minute or so, so Zapier can get your quiz data. Once you've done that click Fetch & Continue to test the trigger. 

11. If the quiz data was successfully sent, you should see this screen. This will show you all of the information that was sent over. After verifying the quiz data, click Continue to start setting up your LeadQuizzes 3 trigger.

12. Next, choose Constant Contact under "Choose App & Event" and click on ''Sign In''.

13. Next, log in to your Constant Contact account and click ''Finish''

14. Next , and allow Zapier access to your account records by clicking ''Allow Access''.

  1. Your Constant Contact account will now be listed. Ensure it's selected and click Continue.

16. Under the "Customize Contact" step, choose the list you want to pass your response data to. Then, map the lead data (Contact email, Name, etc.) you want to include in the Constant Contact contact list and click on Continue.

  1. Crosscheck to confirm that the fields you mapped are correct and click "Test step".

18. If your test was successfully sent, you will see a notification saying "A test contact was sent to Constant Contact about XX seconds ago".

19. Finally, click Publish, and check your Constant Contact account to confirm that the test contact was sent successfully.

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