How to Segment Your Leads In Infusionsoft Using Zapier

In this article we will be walking you through setting up your LeadQuizzes and Infusionsoft integration using Zapier.

Want to tag the people who go through your content based on the result they get in Infusionsoft? 

Check out our Zapier integration and how to do this below.

1. Create a piece of content in LeadQuizzes 3 that has multiple results. Like the below screenshot. 

2. Next login to your Zapier account orsign up for free

3. Once you are logged in go to this link: and locate "Add New LeadQuizzes 3 Contacts to Infusionsoft as Contacts" under Ways to Automate LeadQuizzes 3. Then click "Use This Zap" as shown below: 

4. Click "Create this Zap" as shown below:

5. Click "Continue" as shown below:

6. Connect your LeadQuizzes 3 account to Zapier by clicking "Connect an Account" or if you have already connected your account select your account and click "Save + Continue" and skip to step 10.

7.  A new window will open and you'll be asked for an API Key to allow Zapier to connect to your LeadQuizzes 3 Account. Click the Sites & Organizations link to go to your LeadQuizzes 3 Sites & Organizations Settings Page. 

8. In your Sites & Organizations Settings page, you will see your API Key. Click Copy to clipboard and paste the API Key in the window that opened in Zapier then click Yes, Continue. 

9. Your LeadQuizzes 3 account will now be listed in Select LeadQuizzes 3 Account. Make sure it's selected and click Save + Continue to proceed to the next step.

10. Next you need to select the piece of content you created from the content drop down list as shown below then click "Continue" 

11. Next go to the URL of your piece of content you are connecting to in a different tab or window and go through the entire piece of content until you get to one of the results.

12. Click back to the tab with Zapier and click "Fetch & Continue" as shown below. 

13. If the quiz data was successfully sent, you should see this screen: 

To make sure that the correct data was sent you can view the details by clicking view your response as shown below

This will show you all of the information that was sent over.

14. After reviewing and verifying the quiz data, click Continue to finish setting up your LeadQuizzes 3 trigger.

15. Click "Continue" as shown below.

16. Next connect your Infusionsoft account by clicking "Connect an Account" or if you have already connected your account select your account and click "Save + Continue" and skip to step 20.

17. A new window will open and you'll be asked to login to your Infusionsoft account. 

18. After you login you'll be asked to give Zapier access to your Infusionsoft application. If you have access to multiple Infusionsoft accounts you will be able to select the one you want to connect with from a drop down. Select the account and click "Allow" 

19. Your Infusionsoft account will now be listed. Make sure it's selected by clicking the radio button next to it and click Save + Continue to proceed to the next step.

20. Next you are able to map over the information to collected in LeadQuizzes to Infusionsoft ***NOTE: you only have to do this once per a piece of content and once it is connected to that piece of content you won't need to do it again.*** 

21. You will see the email field for Infusionsoft as the default and if you click "Show advanced options" then you will see all of the other fields as well as tagging options that you have in Infusionsoft. 

22. To map a field with information from LeadQuizzes click on the plus symbol to the right of the field section in question and you will see a list of the LeadQuizzes information. Select the option that matches that field as shown below. 

23. Once it is mapped it should look like the below. 

***NOTE: By doing this you are telling Zapier that whenever that field or answer is submitted in your piece of content then fill in what was submitted in the appropriate field in Infusionsoft***

  • You can do this to map questions answers to custom fields you add to your Infusionsoft or the result to a custom field. You can then use that text in the custom field to create an automation where a specific tag is applied if a specific result is in that field. 

24. Once you have your fields mapped, scroll to the bottom of the list and click "Continue" as shown below. 

25. Once that is done you will see a sample of the information that is going to be sent to Infusionsoft. Scroll to the bottom of that page and click "Send Test To Infusionsoft" 

26. That test contact will be sent to Infusionsoft and you should get a success message similiar to what you see below: 

27. Click "Finish"

28. Next you will be able to turn your Zap on and your contacts will automatically get added to Infusionsoft!

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